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It seems funny to write about life and death. In a few weeks I will be turning 21 and I hope I have many happy and healthy years ahead of me. I would like to live them to the full. I would like to have children and grandchildren and to be survived by lots of family. Yet today I am sad, really sad. Someone I really cared about died. They weren’t a family member but they were close enough. I used to call her auntie. She played hide and seek with me when I was little. She was a lovely vibrant woman always interested in others. I saw her only a month ago. She looked old but I never thought that she was nearing the end of her life.

A few weeks ago my Mum and Grandma went out for lunch with her. She asked my Mum to e-mail her a copy of my dissertation. I was only too pleased to share it, happy that someone was showing an interest when they didn’t have to.

Saturday night my Grandma went round to her house for supper. She was fine and they enjoyed their time together as they always do. Yet, on Sunday life was cruel. Having been having stomach aches she collapsed and was rushed to hospital. It turned out she had a stomach ulcer and it had been bleeding. They performed a massive operation and put her into a medically induced coma but then it already seemed too late.

This morning this vibrant wonderful lady died. She might have been 80 years old but it was still way before her time. Yes she had a long life. Yes she had suffered no pain. Yes she was survived by so many. It still hurts. I never had that chance to see her one last time. Life was cruelly snatched away so very quickly. But that’s life and death. They sit alongside each other in perfect harmony. It’s the balance of the world. Everyone has their time. I will miss her lots but I will always remember her for being so happy and funny and loving.  
RIP Auntie Sylvia 
upstairs25 Featured By Owner May 8, 2014
Im so sorry, your have written your sorrow so beautifully! here if you need me and i love you xx
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May 8, 2014


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